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The Cottontown Farm Story

This farm has been producing since the late 1700's with the current family's ownership extending back to 1952. In addition to cattle and hay which have been the focus of the farm for many decades, Brinn Dalton and Aunt Deb now grow vegetables. Brinn has been in the sustainable farming business for five years and is happy to bring this method to his own family's farm.

Brinn and Aunt Deb started farming vegetables sustainably at Cottontown Farm in 2016, and the crop for 2017 is going to be even better. They have a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, which is going to be expanded for this year with pickup sites at three locations throughout the summer. Please refer to the CSA menu item for locations, times, and links to the sites. They also participate in several local farmer's markets, and these are listed in the menu under the Markets tab.

Cottontown Farm enjoys a friendly relationship with some of our Nashville area restaurants. Please click on the Friends tab to see these great local restaurants and the wonderful things they are doing.

We are happy to show you scenes from life at Cottontown Farm. The Photos tab links to a webpage of photos from the farm and the markets. Here's a sample:

Cottontown Crops Growing